Ohio Certified Public Manager® Society

image of Ohio CPM Society logoThe Ohio Certified Public Manager® Society is dedicated to provide opportunities to enhance leadership skills through education, networking, mentoring, career development, personal growth and recognition to the students and graduates of Ohio’s CPM training program.

The Certified Public Manager® (CPM) designation is a viable professional standing recognized at the federal, state, county, and local government levels. Originating with the national CPM Consortium, the training and organizational model is delivered in a majority of US states. Each state is evaluated by the national CPM Consortium for credential renewal every three years.

CPM Consortium Logo
The purpose of the Ohio CPM Society, as part of the National CPM Consortium’s organizational model, is to partner with the OCPM Training Program in providing a solid foundation of comprehensive management training to professionals working in Ohio’s public sector and continue development of alumni.

2017 Society Board

President: Irene Lyons
President Elect: Melanie Drerup
Immediate Past President: Shawn Crosby
Secretary: Gary Lehman
Treasurer: John Alge
Conference: Darryl Graves
Member Services Chair: Sarah Harter
Public Relations: Rich Palmer

The Ohio Certified Public Manager Society® is a professional association of public sector managers.