Melanie Drerup, CPM

Chief of Planning
Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
Desk: 614-466-6461

President Elect
Gary Lehman, CPM

Resident Care Supervisor
Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Desk: (614) 886-8683

Immediate Past President
Irene Lyons, CPM

Reentry Administrator
Office of Reentry and Enterprise Development
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Desk: (614) 752-1166

Interim Secretary
Erica Walsh, CPM

Communications Operations Supervisor
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Desk: (614) 301-9603

Beverly Hoskinson, CPM

Chief Financial Officer
Finance & Services Division
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Desk: (614) 644-8950

Public Relations Committee Chair
Rich Palmer, CPM

Assistant Chief, Fire Prevention
Division of State Fire Marshal
Ohio Department of Commerce
Desk: (614) 752-7280

Conference Committee Chair
Darryl Graves, CPM

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Desk: (614) 728-1185