The Ohio Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Society is a professional association of public sector managers. This organization was established in 2002.

The Ohio CPM Society promotes the Ohio CPM Program in Ohio by providing opportunities to give back to the program. Ohio Certified Public Managers® are encouraged to mentor students in the OCPM Program.

Certified Public Managers® are also encouraged to continue their education in the areas of Leadership, Government, Administration & Organizational Skills, Analytical & Conceptual Skills, Technical, Quantitative & Qualitative Skills, and Human Relations Skills.

Return on Expectations of the Ohio CPM Training Program

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

Ohio CPM Society Member Benefits

The Ohio CPM Society hosts an Annual Conference which brings continuing education opportunities.

The Ohio CPM Society provides its members with an opportunity to network with other certified public managers. Networking opportunities are one of the most important aspects of the CPM experience. CPMs are able to meet, work and learn from their peers.

Society members are welcome to attend board meetings, if interested please contact a board member for more information.