President Elect Shawn Crosby Shares Closing Remarks

Ohio Certified Public Manager® Society President Elect Shawn Crosby, CPM, shared her closing comments with attendees of the 2015 Annual Leadership Conference. During her address, Crosby thanked the Conference Committee Chair, Janet Cool, along with the many members of the Conference Committee, for their preparation and delivery of an outstanding conference. She also thanked the many board members for their hard work, dedication and public service.

Congratulations were shared to recent graduates of Cohorts 48, 49 and 50 of the Ohio Certified Public Manager® training program held at John Glenn School of Public Affairs on the Ohio State University Campus.

Of special note was a nod of thanks to Immediate Past President Lee Thatcher, CPM, for his guidance, encouragement and knowledge.

Please view the video included in this post to hear all of Shawn Crosby’s comments.